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Fulk Al-Salam Trip to GCC 2009 Log Book  
Muttaleb Al-Ahmad    
Reda Salem    
Ibrahim Al-Attar    
Date Time Events Remarks
31-Jan-09 10:00 Sailed to Khiran  S-SE wind 15n Kuwait - Salmiya - Yacht Club
  15:30 Arrived in Khiran Sea Club N29 20.590 E48 03.329
    Fueled KD 85.000  
  21:00 Dinner: Marag she3em  
1-Feb-09   High S Winds - Rough Sea - Decided to stay in Khiran Khiran Kuwait
2-Feb-09 13:00 Sailed to Um Al-maradem - High S-SE wind Rough Sea N28 39.340 E48 23.764
  14:30 Arrived @ Um Al-Maradem & were allowed to dock inside,  Um Al-Maradim Kuwait
    Officials were nice N28 40.693 E48 38.933
    Reda & Ibrahim went for Trolling - no luck  
    Spent the night in the Boat  
3-Feb-09 5:30 Sailed to Kran SA - Rough sea - "S7ait Kos" Kran - KSA
  15:00 Arrived in Kran - Many fishing dhows have anchored south of the island N27 43.343 E49 48.873
    Muttaleb & Ibrahim trolled, came back with 6 shnainos & 2 dwailmy Time: GMT + 3:00
    Spent the night in the Boat in very rough sea  
4-Feb-09 6:00 Sailed to Halul - High speed N. wind - very rough sea after 3 hours  Bahrain
    changed coarse to Bahrain - Called Hamad to for some inquiries. N26 12.718 E50 46.362
  19:00 Arrived @ anchorage area and waited for the coast guard to lead us to Time: GMT + 3:00
    "FORDHA" - Passport & Customs Control - We were allowed to dock Currency: Bahraini Dinar  =  KD 0.750
    there for the night - Low level water was a big problem for navigation. Chages & Duties
    Docking was also a problem due to high speed wind. BD 15.00 for non GCC Visas
5-Feb-09 8:00 Fueled @ "FORDHA" 2276 L. BD 273.120 Entry Fees: BD 5.00
  10:00 Moved to Sea Club no berth was available and we were allowed to dock Exit Fees:   BD 5.00
    at the gas station.  Taxi: Abdel-Amir "BU HASSAN" +973 39090077
  12:00 The crew is given some free time to go to the city. Hamad Sea Club "Bu Maryam"  +973 36466454
    We took a taxi to seef mall, did some shopping, had lunch @ Isfahan Passport Officer "Bu Mahmud"  +973 36936655
    Restaurant. Took the taxi to "Jed Hafs Market" we bought a fresh Baloul Shawqi Passport Dep. +973 339471071
     @BD 10.00 per KG !!! And got some vegetables. On the way to the David Sea Club Manager +973 39637034
    Boat we stopped @ PMI to stock up. Coast Guard +973 17700000
  18:00 Back to the boat - waited for the crew to come back - Ibrahim made Tel Operator 181
    marag baloul and mtabbag. Weather forecast shows good sailing Weather info: 17321174
    conditions for tomorrow.  
6-Feb-09 5:30 Moved to "Fordha" for check-out - Passport & Customs  
  6:45 We headed to Halul - nice weather - calm sea - mild S winds  
  8:30 David called to say we have to pay BD 50 for the berth.  
  14:00 Decided to change coarse and head directly to Sir Bun3air - we estimate to  
    arrive tomorrow @ 4:00 am - conditions still ideal.  
7-Feb-09 4:15 Arrived @ Sir Bun3air and anchored north of the island. Sir Bun3air Island - UAE
  6:00 Ibarahim went trolling and came back with three good size Balouls N25 12.718 E54 12.788
  12:00 All went trolling and landed another Baloul and some other fish. Time: GMT + 4:00
    Spent the evening relaxing. Currency: UAE Dirham  =  KD 0.080
8-Feb-09   A lazy day. Very nice weather. We all trolled. The catch was 2 big Kan3ad,  Al-Amin  "Island Coast Guard - +971 50796729
    2 big Dwailmi, 3 Balouls and some Shnainous.   
    Bu Slaiman made lunch, "Mtabbag Baloul & Grilled assorted fish"  
    Ibrahim prepared dinner: Marag & Fried Kan3ad caught a few minutes ago.  
    Kan3ad proved to be a superb and delicious fish.  
9-Feb-09   Another lazy day. Ibrahim went trolling and came back with a baloul then he   
    went snorkeling while we sat down working hard on doing "nothing"   
     we snorkeled around the east of the island , much nicer rock formations and  
     more coral fishes.  
10-Feb-09 4:00 Left Sir Bun3air heading to Dubai. Weather conditions ideal. Slight N. wind Shandaga Dubai UAE
  10:00 Muttaleb called Eng. Ghayath GM. Riviera Boat to discuss the boats  N25 16.855 E55 17.555
    maintenance and anti-foiling. He promised a quote next 2 days. Fuel per Imperial Gallon: AED. 10.45
  10:30 Arrived @ Shandaga Passport & Customs Control of Dubai.  Imperial Gallon = 4.2 Liter
    Many Iranian dhows queued before us, so we docked at the coast guard berth.  UAE Weather 4Cast   700013000
  12:00 Fueled @ Shandaga - Gallons: 652 for UAED. 6812.50 =  KD. 545.000 While UAE Operator     181
    waiting for entry proceedings. Oman Consulate @ Dubai : 043971000
  13:00 Moved to the berth "L2B" @ Al-Seef Marina in Khor Dubai Oman visit permit fees AED:100 + 20 for typing
    Muttaleb & Ibrahim went to the house to bring the car and reda went to Ahli Boat Manifest fees @ Dubai Customs: AED 10
    Bank. Then all met @ Emirates Mall for lunch. Then to the boat to spend the  Art Marine: Captain Alessio: +971 505588169
    a quiet night.                           Captain Gino: +971 506254561
11-Feb-09 8:00 Ibrahim went to Oman Consulate to get the visit permit. Reda to the Ahli Bank Floating Bridge opens daily 22:00 - 06:00 next day
  10:45 Captain Gino came over to discuss the required repairs for the boat. Maktoum Bridge opens twice a week:
  11:30 Muttaleb & Ibrahim went by dingy to Dubai Customs next to Maktoum Bridge  
    to get the Boat manifest. Komar dropped the dingy key into the sea and all  
    efforts to fish it out failed but luckily the tenders key was good enough to   
    replace it.  
  14:00 All went to  the unfriendly Garmin Shop to see what's new , then to WAFI   
    for Lunch @ ASHA. Spent the night in the boat.  
12-Feb-09 12:00 We left the boat to the house to check our emails and check the weather.  
    The weather still very bad with high speed N. winds and very low visibility.  
    according to the plans we are supposed to head to Msandam tomorrow  
    but its highly unlikely. We went to Dragon Mall for some shopping and had  
    a light lunch there. We got back to the boat at around 6:00 pm.  
13-Feb-09 10:00 The Weather continues to be bad with high speed N. wind and low level visibility  
    Mutalleb and Ibrahim took the dingy and went to the open sea to explore the  
    situation and decided that we move to Ajman on our way to Msandam so that  
    we save 2 hours from the route. Passport and Customs Control procedures  
    carried out. The manifest was taken by the Customs and a new one issued.  
    Domende took the car to the house and we are ready to sail as  
    soon as he is back.  
  12:00 Muttaleb called Captain Gino to inquire about the Berth charges. Gino said he'll  
    charge us later on our way back.  
  14:15 Sailed to Ajman - Hamriyah. High speed N. Wind and rough sea.  
  16:45 Arrived @ Hamriyah and docked close to the Gas Station. We are quite familiar Ajman - Hamriyah
    to this khor since we've been here three times before. Muttaleb went to the  N25 28.615 E55 29.942
    Coast Guard to ask for permission to stay for the night. Master Chef Ibrahim Gas Station
    Started immediately to prepair "MACHBOUS DIYAY" Yam Yam… then all retired  
    fairly early tonight.  
14-Feb-09 5:45 Heading to Msandam. Ideal weather conditions. Mild winds and calm sea. Msandam - Oman
  13:15 Anchored @ Sibi Island in Khor Sham - Msandam. Dolphins escorted us at the N26 15.163 E56 16.088
    entrance. Weather is nice and the scenes breath-taking. We had a quick lunch. Time: GMT + 4:00
    Ibrahim went snorkeling ad Muttaleb and Reda went for trolling in the dingy. Currency: Omani Rial  =  KD 0.750
    Mutaleb took the dingy and went to the village for shopping. We spent a quiet  
    night on the boat.  
15-Feb-09 9:00 We took our breakfast "shakshouka" Bu Slaiman style on the aft deck. Lifted the   
    anchor heading to Khor Najd. On the way out of Msandam we shot some   
    footage of "Fulk Al-Salam against the magnificent scenery of water , mountains  
    and haze.  
  12:05 The Omani Royal Navy came on the radio and asked us to identify ourselves and  
    asked for the permit number we are holding. "Welcome Fulk Al-Salam": He replied,  
    They said we should not hesitate to ask for any help. "Very curious"  
  14:30 Arrived @ Khor Najd, and anchored close to the fishermen's slipway. The place is Khor Najd - Oman
    magnificent and the weather is very nice. We did some trolling and fishing from  N26 05.965 E65 20.168
    the boat.   
16-Feb-09 5:30 Began sailing towards Fujairah. Nice weather , mild winds, calm sea but low visibility Fujairah - UAE
    due to haze. We expect the journey will take about six hours. Fujairah International Marine Club
  12:15 Arrived @ Fujairah International Marine Club. We first anchored outside the marina N25 07.810 E56 21.610
    and Muttaleb took the dingy to explore the berth and later we docked in the given Ahmad Ibrahim Darak - Managing Director
    berth. Ahmad Ibrahim, the managing director came over and greeted us and we all Tel. Office +971 9 2221166
    went to his office for a coffee and exchanged some ideas. We then decided to go               Dir. +971 9 2225665
    fishing with him @ 4:00 pm. All passports and boat manifest were given to his          Mob.  +971 50 6292211
    secretary for processing. Haithem gave us a lift to Hilton Hotel which is within        email:  major_ae@emirates.net.ae
    walking distance. We had a light lunch @ the sea side coffee shop and came back        email:  fimcfuj@emirates.net.ae
    walking to catch up with our fishing appointment with Ahmad.  
  16:00 Muttaleb & Ibrahim went fishing in our dingy with Ahmad in his own boat. Fujairah International Marine Club Invoice
    Going out of the marina on fishing trips requires filling up a form with all the details Berth fees inc E&W X 2 nights  AED. 1900
    and submitted to the "Coast Guard".  Immigration & Passport. AED. 202
    In the evening we went to the Hilton to check the weather conditions on the net.  
17-Feb-09 11:00 A lazy day. We went to the marinas office to get an internet connection. Berth= AED. 8.00 per foot
  13:00 Went out for lunch @ Sadaf Restaurant on foot then back to the boat. Marina arrival charges = AED.200
  17:00 Went to the local market. Did some shopping. Fruits & vegetables. Marina departure charges = AED.200
  19:00 Settled our account with the club and the passports and the document will be Immigration clearance per person = AED. 50 
    handed over to us just before our departure early in the morning.  
  21:00 We had dinner on the aft deck "BBQ"   
18-Feb-09 6:00 Started sailing towards Dimyaniyat Island, Oman. Estimated arrival time is 18:00.  
    Original plan was Sur then Dimyaniyat but Sur is cancelled and a direct coarse  Dimyaniyat - Oman
    is taken. Weather is ideal and the sea is very calm. N23 51.033 E58 04.072
  17:15 Arrived @ Dimyaniyat and anchored to the south of western island. It is a perfect  
    timing we are just before sunset. The weather is still very nice and we are looking  
    forward to having a good time in this beautiful spot.  
19-Feb-09   It’s a fine day, full of activity. We fished  from the boat, trolled and snorkeled   
    around the island. The water is crystal clear and the reefs rich with vibrant colors   
    and full of hundreds of various species. Lobsters, Hamours, Faskers, Kan3ads and  
    many others. It’s the first day of the week-end today. Many leisure boats are seen  
    around. The Coast Guard came over to us. We had a brief chat. They were very  
    friendly. We understood that scouba diving is restricted and the island requires   
    a special visit permit from the authorities because it’s a natural marine reservation.  
    Our lunch was lobsters and dinner was kan3ad. According to the original plan  
    we were supposed to sail to Muscat, but we like so much here that we decided  
    to stay one more day.  
20-Feb-09   Another beautiful day in Dimyaniyat. We took couple of chairs and a table. Some  
    fruits and drinks to one of the many islands. We snorkeled around and caught  
    some lobsters and a huge faskar. In the afternoon we trolled for Tunas and   
    managed to land a 10 KG Yellow Fin Tuna which is one of the finest fishes in the world  
21-Feb-09 7:00 Sailed to Port Qabous, Muscat. Nice Weather, mild S. winds. Low visibility due to Muscat - Port Qabous - Oman
    haze. 20 minutes before entering the port, we were stopped by the Omani Coast N23 37.653 E58 34.536
    Guard. They checked our documents and said that the Omani flag was not visible, so Agent "Wakeel"  is a must for Oman entry
  11:00 we unwound it. At 11:00 we entered Port Qabous - Jetty no. 7 and met the agent Abdallah: +968 99876786
    Abdul-Majeed. Gave him the documents for clearance and left to Bander Rodha Dawood: +968 99227260
  12:30 Marina. We First went to the gas station for refueling then to the other end of the  AbdelMajeed: +968 99061647
    marina where we anchored because no free berths were available. International  Charges: US$.500  for entry & exit
    Fishing competition was on and many boats have come to Muscat to participate. Oman Weather forecast: 24714870
  16:30 We had  our lunch at the marinas coffee shop then took a taxi to Souk Matrah.   
    Did some shopping @ Sultan Center then got back to the boat at around 9:00 PM. Marina Bandar Al-Rowdha - Muscat
22-Feb-09 7:00 Ibrahim did some shopping down town with Mazen. "Baits, fishing lines and an  N23 35.111 E58 36.447
    umbrella" Office: +968 24737288 , 24737291
  13:00 Lunch on the aft deck prepared by Muttaleb.  Mr. Bako: +968 97046135
  14:30 "TOR" a diver in the marina came over and said that the rope connecting the two S3oud: +968 24737288
     buoys we have anchored between must have gone around our propeller. He dived Tor "Diver" +968 96777203
    under the boat and freed it in about 20 minutes. Mazen: +968 99539614 ,  +968 92736339
  15:30 Ahmad from Fujairah Marina called and said that we have forgotten  to take the boats Fuel @ Bandar Al-Rowdha: 2400L. = OR. 350.400
    registration book.  Berth Chages for 2 nights = OR. 120
  16:00 Muttaleb & Ibrahim walked to Shaali Marine Shop to have a look and Reda enjoyed  
    a lazy time in the marina.  
23-Feb-09 6:00 Sailed to Yarama. The anchor lock broke during retrieval. The weather is ideal. Khor Yarama - Oman
  15:00 At 3:00 PM sharp we arrived @ Khor Yarama. On a distance we could sea a white N22 32.077  E59 43.950
    Yacht at the Khor entrance. We communicated on the radio. It was Sheikh Muhammad  
    Bin Rashid Al-Mo'allah. Bu Slaiman knows him very well and they have sailed together  
    earlier. He said it is difficult to enter the Khor because of low water level and we have  
    to wait for high tide. We dropped anchor close to him outside the Khor. Bu Slaiman  
    took the dingy and went over to see him. The sheikh was accompanied by some   
    Kuwaiti friends we already knew. As a courtesy they sent us lunch and return we gave  
    a big fish we had just caught "Thor 3andag".   
  19:30 Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid and his guests came over to our boat for a coffee and  
    they stayed for about two hours. Some fishermen came and complained that we have  
    anchored in their fishing path and the net was stuck under our boat.  
24-Feb-09 8:00 We woke up to find that the Sheikh has already left. Later the coast guard came Sur - Oman
    to check our documents and we told them we are moving inside the Khor because it N22 34.768  E59 31.952
    was very windy. Inside the Khor it was much quieter. Again the Coast Guard came Refueling in Sur : 3618L. =  OR. 528.228
  11:00 over. Then we decided to sail to Sur to refuel and spend the night and head back to  
    Muscat early in the morning.  
  12:30 A man from the Omni Police came to the boat, checked our documents and issued  
    a sails permit for OR.15:00 . The permit we got from Dubai is limited to Msandam only   
    Refueling finished then we anchored in the Khor.  
  18:00 Decided to take advantage of the good weather so we headed to Bander Rowdha.  
25-Feb-09 1:45 Arrived @ Marina Bandar Al-Rowdha and docked @ the gas station. Spent the night Marina Bandar Al-Rowdha - Muscat
  8:00 there. The agent took our documents for processing and came back by 10:00. N23 35.111 E58 36.447
    Refueled @ Bandar Al-Rowdha. Fuel - 1031 L. = OR. 150.700
  11:00 Headed to Dimyaniyat. Gas 24 L. = OR. 2.900
  13:45 Arrived @ Dimyaniyat. From a distance we could see "Al-Shumoukh", Sheikh M. Bin Oil 4X4L. = OR. 16.00
    Rashid's Yacht. We anchored close to the area. Soon we got a call on the radio inviting  
    us for lunch. After lunch he showed us around the luxury boat. Yousef Bouday and  
    his two friends soon left to Muscat to catch their plane back to Kuwait.  
  16:45 We left Dimyaniyat to Fujairah. Nice weather with mild N. wind.  
26-Feb-09 4:30 Arrived @ Fujairah International Marine Club and docked at exactly the same berth  
    we had before. We rested till noon after the long night. Went to Hilton Resort for Fujairah - UAE
    lunch. In the afternoon did some shopping and checked the weather on the internet. Fujairah International Marine Club
  18:00 Got our processed papers from Haitham then had our dinner on the boat. N25 07.810 E56 21.610
27-Feb-09 3:45 Started sailing towards Khassab. This route will take us all the way along the Southern  Berth Charges for one night = AED.600
    Cost of UAE and Msandam province of Oman, Khor Al-Habalain through Fakk Al-Assad  Marina arrival charges = AED.200
    to Strait of Hormoz and around Ras Msandam to Khassab. Marina departure charges = AED.200
  13:00 Arrived @ Port Khassab. Our main purpose for coming was to refuel but no gas station Khassab Port - Khassab Province - Oman
    is visible. Ibrahim took the dingy to get some information. We dropped anchor in the N26 12.651 E56 15.146
    middle of the waterway and waited for him. Ibrahim came back with no luck so we Fuel tanker agent, Abdallah Bin Darwish
    decided to go to Ajman for refueling and we will spend the night there before  Mobile: +968 99355607
    proceeding the next day to Sir Bun3air.  
  18:45 Arrived @ Ajman - Hamriyah. Started refueling. Will stay in the Khor for the night. Ajman - Hamriyah
    Reda took a taxi to Om Al-Qiwain to get money from the ATM. N25 28.615 E55 29.942
28-Feb-09 6:30 Left Ajman to Sir Bun3air. Slightly rough sea with south wind. 30 minutes after Fuel: 645 Gallons = AED. 6514
    departure the sea got very rough with high waves and south winds blowing at   
    20 knots/h carrying fine sand causing very poor visibility. One our before we got to  
    the island the wind changed direction and became northerly and still maintained the  
    the same speed and blowing sand.  
  13:45 Arrived @ Sir Bun3air and anchored west of the island. We saw three boats leaving  Sir Bun3air Island - UAE
    the island since weekend finishes today. Other ones still taking safe haven in the Khor. N25 12.718 E54 12.788
    Ibrahim took the dingy to see the possibility of going inside the Khor and anchoring  
    there. Finally we anchored in the Khor and secured the boat by ropes stretched to the   
    land. By night fall many other boats came in and the sand storm continued.   
1-Mar-09 7:30 We still have bad weather and strong south wind blowing carrying dust.  
  12:30 Took the decision to sail to Haloul. Weather forecast shows its getting worse towards  
    the week end and everybody is in the mood of going back home. The sea is rather  
    rough but manageable. It can get worse.  
  21:00 As we were approaching Haloul Island heavy rain started to fall. We anchored south Haloul Island - Qatar
    east of the island. A big number of dhows, fishing boats and other vessels were N25 39.989  E52 24.294
    already there.  
2-Mar-09 5:30 Weather still very bad, very rough sea and high speed NW wind. We decided to go to Bahrain
    Bahrain and spend a couple of days there waiting for the weather to get better. N26 12.718 E50 46.362
  8:30 By 8:30 NW wind gained more speed and the waves were very high and fierce full. The   
  10:00 boat was  rolling and swinging by each wave. Around 10:00 we noticed that our dingy  
    "21 foot Al-Dhaen" which we were towing behind was not there any more. The speedy  
    NW wind soon turned to a storm with 45 KN/H N. wind and 15-20 f. waves. The well  
    organized boat turned into shambles. Fridge and cabinet doors flanged open and the  
    items started flying in every direction, even some panels and false ceiling fell. The high
    waves flooded the deck washing away every thing in its path. We slowed down our  
    speed down to 5 KT/H to minimize the effect of the pounding waves against the hull.  
    It was only when entered the buoyed route to Bahrain that we felt danger was over.  
  20:30 Arrived @ Fordha, Bahrain. We were allowed to dock there and spend the night.  
3-Mar-09 11:00 Moved to the Sea Club and were given a T berth at the entrance of the marina.  
  12:30 went to City Center. Had lunch at Ashas. Did some shopping to replace the damaged  
    appliances during the storm.  
  16:30 Ibrahim left to the airport to catch a flight back to Kuwait to attend his daughters   
    wedding. Started cleaning up the mess and assessing the damages caused by the storm.
4-Mar-09 11:00 A lazy day. We walked all the way to "Bab Al-Bahrain", then took a taxi to Seef Mall.  
    Had lunch @ Isfahan Restaurant and did some shopping.  
5-Mar-09   A lazy day. Window shopping.  
6-Mar-09   Last lazy day before heading back to Kuwait.  
7-Mar-09 4:30 Left Marina Club to Fordha for passport and customs control.  
  5:15 We are now on our way to Kuwait through Kran Island. We estimate to arrive there  
    before sunset. NE wind @ 23 kt/h.  
  16:15 Arrived @ Kran island and anchored to its south. Other fishing boats were also there. Kran - KSA
8-Mar-09 5:20 Heading to Um Al-Maradem - Kuwait. Nice weather and calm sea. There will be many N27 43.343 E49 48.873
    oil rigs on the way. We diverted our route to avoid the rigs as much as possible. Even  
    what looked on the map to be clear had tens which are not shown.  
  1:15 Arrived @ Um Al-Maradem. Customs official came for inspection, then passports and Um Al-Maradim Kuwait
    paper work was processed. N28 40.693 E48 38.933
  14:15 Sailed to Yacht Club - Salmiyah. Great weather, "water surface mirror like".  
  19:15 Arrived @ Yacht Club - Salmiyah. Fulk Al-Salam docked at its usual berth. Kuwait - Salmiya - Yacht Club
    Home sweet home...Hamdellah 3assalamah. N29 20.590 E48 03.329
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